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Half Day Rainforest Hike.



Come and discover the secrets of the rainforest!

As easy specially designed loop trail leads you through the pristine rainforest up to a beautiful overlook.  Listen to the sound of the woods and discover tropical flowers and trees while you guide explains you about the use of medical plants and the history of the area 2 hours.


Full Day Volcano Hike.



Hike up to the highest peak of the island through rain-forest and the dwarf forest on the  Higher elevations and finally to the rim with spectacular views on the mile wide crater With its 1000 foot walls. There is also a freshwater lake and steaming vents to see.


For the fit and experienced hikers only!

Expect  6-7 hours of hiking time.



All Tours includes:


Transportation from and to your Hotel and fresh pastries, fresh fruits and homemade juices.

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